Rihanna opens up about Super Bowl Halftime Show & new music (trolling again?)

Rihanna likes to troll her fans and it is so unforthcoming! In an interview with Apple Music, Rihanna opened up about her return to the stage and what fans can expect from Sunday’s highly-anticipated performance at the Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show. As for the new album, the new mother says she is feeling open to exploring, discovering, and creating music that is new, weird, different and fun! At this point this girl will say anything... but give a release date. Honestly, she stays trolling the Navy and rehashing the same answers over and over again for years. We're tired, starving and need to eat! Apple Music also debuted a short film called ❝Run This Town,❞ filmed on Rihanna Drive in Barbados.



Scoopz said...

She looks good. But this close to the Superbowl i expected her to be back in her trim form. Nothing wrong with her like this shes still beautiful. Just what i was expecting