Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance attracted 103 FCC complaints...

Rihanna's Super Bowl Halftime performance received over 100 FCC complaints from viewers who thought it was overly sexual. Shockingly, some have even compared it to pornography. Apparently, the performance is said to have had “inappropriate touching and dance moves” that were “offensive and completely inappropriate” for what they saw as a “family-friendly” show. A pop star fully clothed and pregnant will not make top billing on Pornhub. And secondly, Sam Smith's Satan-worshiping Grammy performance received LESS complaints. Let THAT sink in.

Elsewhere, Rihanna is in Milan living her best life:


Jhunter said...
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Jhunter said...

Lol the hate is real. What are they talking about? She has gotten so much dislike from this Superbowl performance. One thing about Rihanna though, she doesn't do DO-OVERS. Talk all you want, it won't bother her. I remember when Beyonce sang at the inauguration for Obama, and it came out that she didn't sing live.

My girl Beyonce was like who, what? let me remind y'all who I am. She did a whole press and sang again to prove that she could sing. I was like these folks lucky it was Beyonce.

Rihanna would of been like bitch deal, think what you want. I care less, cause I got no time for DO-OVERS.