Ciara’s ❝Da Girls❞ video serves diet coke ❝7/11.❞

Over the weekend, Ciara dropped her female empowerment anthem 'Da Girls,' which celebrates the inner strength and independence of women. Great. A lot of women still need further encouragement in practicing self-love. 

However, Ciara has been criticised for touting a lifestyle of singlehood and independence to women, while being married with three children to a super rich athlete. Yet, Beyoncé can sing a song called 'Single Ladies' so that is that. The more pressing issue here is Ci got in her R&B bag for the smoothie cut, but the song is just... jarringly boring. Ciara is not even trying at this point. She is just having fun releasing the music SHE wants, and seems aware that commercial success is now a thing of the past. She has become that bored rich housewife doing music just for a hobby now. She's having fun with no stakes. And as such, a low budget video was premiered. It basically has the same concept as Beyoncé's '7/11' but of course Bey's version was executed better. This was just the diet coke version and while it just doesn’t scream “I’M BACK,” fans can at least be happy she’s happy.


Anonymous said...

What a strange video lol

Anonymous said...

Honestly I can tell when an artist is just releasing music for their fans versus one who still doesn't care but puts in some form of energy to continue making decent music. Ciara is lost musically. Her music never evolved -- well except for The Evolution but she hasn't been the same since. She should hop on that new Usher song Glu -- that'd be hot!

Anonymous said...

I Loved Her Third Album Fantasy Ride, Some Say It Was To POP. However "Like A Surgeon" Is My JAM & "Ciara To The Stage".