Thursday, 9 March 2023

Janet Jackson announces another documentary with Lifetime...

There's concerns Janet Jackson might be lowering herself to becoming a cheap reality star. Nothing about Janet is cheap of course. Unlike the Kardashians, she is a musical legend that had to battle her way out of brother Michael's shadow. Lifetime and A+E Networks are once again preparing to broadcast her docu-series “Janet Jackson: Family First,” which will serve as a continuation of her 2022 documentary. The series, which is currently being filmed, will follow Janet as she embarks on her 2023 'Together Again' tour. It will also follow her collaboration with brother Randy Jackson to reunite the family band after 40 years since their last performance. A docu-series from Janet (which is being executive-produced by herself and Randy) won't be trashy because she's not one for drama and theatrics. In fact, it can be seen as her re-polishing her brand and re-introducing herself to Gen Z, and that can only be a good thing right?