Meghan Markle mocked by Chris ❝Kanye❞ Rock for saying senior royal questioned her baby’s skin tone...

The new Kanye West has entered the building, ya'll. Comedian Chris Rock has slammed Meghan Markle in his new stand-up special Saturday night for telling Oprah Winfrey about the racism she suffered at the hands of the royal family. She revealed how one senior member of the family questioned how dark-skinned her baby would be. Rock says this isn't racist, because even black people wanted to know how brown the baby would be. He downplayed the incident as "just some in-law sh*t." 

Context, context, context, people. A white royal questioning the skin tone of a potential senior prince does not hold the same context as an ORDINARY black person doing it. The royal family want to keep their bloodline PURE. So the real reason WHY the baby's skin tone was being questioned (by Prince Egghead, allegedly) was because they feared how it would look having a black looking senior prince representing the face of the monarchy. Secondly, the likelihood of fair skinned Meghan and ginger Harry having black looking children was very, VERY slim. Actually, most black people were well aware of this. As a black person himself, surely Chris Rock can't be THAT dense?


Anonymous said...

Sorry Toya, but I gotta agree with Chris Rock on this one!

Elder relatives from a certain era & time would question the complexion of the baby. No matter the race. Black or White! Only difference is, Black people might make a joke(like Chris did) & White people might be more clueless & ignorant about it.

I say this because I've seen & LIVED IT with my grandmother.

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Anonymous said...

I usually agree with all your takes, even see last the rihanna biases lmao I get it, I get it.

But I just can't with the meghan markle defence, I don't understand how anyone is still under her illusion. She had a crappy career, married a prince. Cried the victim non stop (as tho her life's not one of the better ones). She threatened to kill herself and her unborn child to get her way.

Most disgusting of all is she never done anything fir the community, she's portrayed the image of a white girl her entire career, but when being black served to benefit her, she jumped on it so fast

I love your pg and hearing all your opinions even this one and only one I disagree on lol

But yeah I think she's an awful person I say the same about Harry and his family including his mother her was the original meghan just better at playing the victim and using the media to her advantage but actually done some good for the world. But all of them are vain small minded selfish sorry excuses.