Adele has reportedly recorded a surprise album and it could drop in weeks...

Sources close to Adele reveal that she has recorded some of her “most uplifting and positive songs ever” and is in talks to release a surprise album later this year. Her positive new music will reflect her current life, including her relationship with sports agent Rich Paul. “Since then her life has totally transformed. She has gone from rock bottom to being madly in love and wants the world to know it,” adds the source. “Her music reflects that and the next album will be her most optimistic ever. She won’t be the queen of heartbreak ballads for much longer.”

Adele's biggest appeal is the fact that she takes years to release albums. People anticipate her albums because she doesn't rush to put them out. On top of that, she serves up quality while making us wait. The wait is in deed always worthwhile though. Dropping an album in less than a year since releasing her last album '30' would feel a bit weird. She is not a fast-food artist like Ariana Grande and others who would release albums annually. If she started doing that, it could very well take away the very appeal that makes her special. Overweight women were already in their feelings when she decided to come back skinny following her dramatic weight loss. In fact, those fat girl tears were such a big issue she had to address the backlash on Oprah. It's wonderful she is in her happy place with Rich Paul. It's the reason why it would come across as disingenuous if she dropped another heartbreak album, because we know she's madly in luuuurve. She literally uses her hefty cockney accent and shouts it out loud from the rooftops at every given opportunity. So Adele might lose some fans and listeners while dropping those blissfully happy BBC anthems, but that's one album I would seriously listen to.