Ben Affleck calls Jennifer Lopez ❝the greatest performer of all time.❞

According to Ben Affleck, his wife Jennifer Lopez is the “greatest performer in the history of the world.” During a chat, on the podcast Smartless, hosted by Sean Hayes, Will Arnett, and Jason Bateman, Ben was asked if he knew all of J.Lo’s music. Ben said he did. As well as knowing all of her music, he reveals that he loves it, and “it’s brilliant.” 

Jen's music was insanely good in her heyday. Late 90s and early 00s was a time where J.Lo couldn't be touched. She was untouchable despite being in her late 20s and early 30s, which is rather late to start a music career especially as a woman. The 'Selena' gig certainly paved the way for her massively. In fact, she owes Selena her entire career - point, blank, period. Her acting skills are moderate and she can't sing. But back then, the music was good and she had bops for days. However, her later music has not come anywhere close to "brilliance." And being married to the woman comes with a level of devotion. It is literally Ben's job to be completely biased. Or maybe he is overcompensating for practically blaming J.Lo for almost ruining HIS career 20-years ago after their split. Secondly, being a great performer isn't just about knowing how to dance and shaking what her mama gave her. It's also about knowing how to sing live and doing it well, which is what J.Lo fails to excel at. And honestly, it’s a shame that J.Lo is not a good live singer because her performances aren’t bad.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what she offered him to say that. Hehe!