Britney Spears slams body shaming fitness trainer...

Britney Spears recalls a time where her former fitness coach made her cry because they told her she needed to get her "younger body back." In a new Instagram posted this week, Britney talks about the unflattering photos snapped of her as she dealt with her car breaking down in Los Angeles. 

She says she's well aware her body isn't perfect, but Britney being Britney wanted to do something about it. When she found a fitness trainer two months ago, they pinched the skin on her stomach and legs telling her she needed to get her "younger body back.” Britney reveals such cruelty made her cry. Two months after that incident, she is taking pride in the body she has today. She even boasts of her fitness progress in that same post. It was totally unprofessional of the fitness trainer to say she needed to get her "younger body back." 41-year-old Britney is not going to have the same metabolism, strength and stamina as 21-year-old childless Britney. During her prime years, Britney's looks and body was always the focal point in her career. She relied on it heavily to maintain her success and popularity. But now that she is done with performing and living the pop star life,  why is it necessary to get her "younger body back"? A fitness trainer's job is not to body shame or make a vulnerable person feel horrible about themselves. They should not be licensed to fitness train someone under those circumstances whether they consider it to be the tough love approach or not.

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