Jesy Nelson’s new single ❝Bad Thing❞ gets a release date + preview ♫♫

Jesy Nelson’s new single 'Bad Thing' will be released in exactly one week from today. After exposing her very questionable culinary skills on The Great British Bake Off, she is teasing visuals and a snippet of the song. The actual music video was shot at a working men’s club in Peckham, South East London. 

Jesy channels her mum in the 60s inspired visuals. A young actor plays her dad who ends up in prison, much like her father in real life. Clearly, Jesy is attempting to tug on the heart strings of music listeners. Or at least of what's left of any Little Mix fans, because she pretty much alienated them with her past shenanigans. Maybe it will have a more positive effect after she came under fire for playing into archaic and racist stereotypes of black men with her 'Boyz' video featuring Nicki Minaj. Fetishizing black men with "tattoos" and "gold teeth" didn't go down so well either. From that little bit of audio, 'Bad Thing' sounds midtempo and ballad-like. Add in some Billie Eilish realness too. Cosplaying as spray tan Hip Hop Barbie didn't do much for Jesy and resulted in some major blackfishing allegations. As a result, she has now decided to change tack slapping together what may possibly be a stacked vocal ballad... or at least something. We won't know for sure until the song drops in its entirety on April 14th. At this point, who cares if 'Bad Thing' ends up being her redemption song or another flop? It is already sounding miles ahead better than that Nicki Minaj-assisted mess. Oh, and... Polydor could have at least allowed Jesy to release that 00s Hip-Hop homage LP before they decided to drop her from the record label. Many of us were actually intrigued.




Anonymous said...

It sounds 10000x better than that last heap of Diddy-assisted sh!t.

Toya said...

It sure does, but I don't want to speak too soon.