Toni Braxton opens up about her emergency heart surgery...

Posing with a cup of urine was a necessary for Toni Braxton and her campaign.

Peeing in a cup is the easiest thing to do if it gives her lupus and kidney health an advantage. The 55-year-old R&B veteran tells People she had to have emergency heart surgery as a result of an 80% blockage in her coronary artery. She kept putting off tests until her doctor became very persistent. The specialized test showed some heart abnormalities which meant a coronary stent was needed. Her chest was aching often, so the signs were definitely there. Doctors told her she could have had a massive (and fatal) heart attack. She urges others with lupus to get regular screenings, bringing to light that Black and Asian women are four times more likely to develop lupus nephritis with the risk of death being three times greater for people with it. Toni was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus in 2008. Moral of the story, don't ignore the signs and have those regular blood and urine tests. 

Prayers up to Ms. Braxton.