Beyoncé & her crew tuck into Nandos, Indian takeaways & croissants...

The catering & food industry is looking for a Red Lobster style come-up. 

Beyoncé, who is currently on the European leg of her 'Renaissance' tour, has been purchasing meals and tasty snacks for her team to enjoy following their hard work. 

She recently racked up a £2,000 bill for her Nando's order, in which she ordered 110 chicken burgers, 90 pittas and nine chicken thighs. 

From Tyne and Wear's Bombay Barn, the singer ordered a curry tapas box – which included chicken masala, lamb curry, chicken bhuna, vegetable bhajis, pilau rice and Indian chunky chips. She also had a series of croissants delivered to her from an Ouseburn bakery in Newcastle. (source, source)

Of course they ALL boasted about it. 

Bombay Barn posted on Facebook showing off the receipt: "Nothing to see here, just a takeaway order for BEYONCÉS crew, with delivery backstage at her gig at The Stadium of Light!" They added a few hashtags including "#claimtofame" and "#mindblown".

Sharing a picture of the croissants, with the words 'Beyoncé's croissants - hands off' on the paper, the bakery wrote: "We had the pleasure of supplying pastries to the ONE AND ONLY @beyonce and her team before the gig at the Stadium of light, Sunderland. Talk about career highlights for everyone at Northern Rye! Hope you enjoyed them @beyonce."

Beyoncé in SUNDERLAND (May 23rd, 2023)


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