Halle Bailey’s boyfriend is RAGING after she holds hands with her co-star Jonah Haur-King...

Halle Bailey's boyfriend DDG is reportedly fuming that she was photographed holding hands with her co-star Jonah Haur-King at the UK premiere of 'The Little Mermaid.' 

He has reportedly blocked her on Twitter, unfollowed her on Instagram and was also caught trashing her on his burner account again. DDG was also on his burner account trashing Jonah just last week. He saw what people were saying about the pictures and got in his feelings, which is why she needs to dump his immature ass. 

But sadly, she won't.

In what's set to rile DDG even further, Jonah posted a picture holding Halle's hand on Instagram. Other pics show them giving each other puppy eyes. 


Anonymous said...

I’m getting Whitney and Bobby vibes from them. This is her breakout year as shes got TLM and Color Purple this year movies that will shoot her into the stratosphere. She’s about to blow up in a way that few people do. She’ll keep trying to make herself smaller to appease him like Whitney tried to do. It won’t work.