❝RELEASE YA JOB!❞ Arena employee sacked over leaking details about Beyoncé’s ❝Renaissance❞ tour...

“Lights!! Somebody getting fired… hey hey!” 

An employee who reportedly leaked information from Beyoncé's hotly anticipated 'Renaissance' tour has been SACKED from the Friends arena in Sweden. The tour, which kicks off in Stockholm, Sweden this coming Wednesday is revealed to be THREE hours long with NO SUPPORT ACT. 

The employee was using social media to leak information about the set and claimed there would be multiple male and female dancers. He also described some of the costumes (a red latex leotard and metallic jacket) and did a drawing of a robotic arm which he claimed would be part of the set. He should know by now that Beyoncé doesn't mess around with her NDAs. 

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

The drawing: 

Similar robotic technology has been used for other concerts/events:


Anonymous said...

Love Beyonce, However 3 Hours Is Too Long. I'll See What She's Giving August 18 In Miami.

RL said...

Looks like the rumors were true about the robotic arms.

I wonder what the penalty is for the breach of the NDA?