Video Premiere: Janelle Monáe - ❝Lipstick Lover❞ | New Era: ❝Age of Pleasure❞

Just a queer gal exploring her sexual freedoms.

Janelle Monáe announces new album ‘Age of Pleasure,’ (out June 9th). A NSFW music video for her reggae/dancehall anthem ‘Lipstick Lover,’ has also just landed. The Jamaican cultured video has lots of... yeah,  she REALLY said she's tired of wearing those Men in Black suits. 

Janelle's rebrand has been... interesting to say the least.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, she is just annoying to me. Talented, but annoying. She was annoying in those weird suits and now is annoying doing lesb*an p**n

Anonymous said...

I agree. I’ve just never understood or warmed to her as an actor or singer.