TLC’s T-Boz says Lisa ❝Left Eye❞ Lopes would have been the ❝female Kanye West.❞

I don't know about this one. Being opinionated, expressive and sometimes a little erratic does not necessarily equate to someone being crazy. Sounds like many 20-something year-olds exploring their wild side, first and foremost. However, what rings true is that Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes was the spark and visionary of the iconic group TLC. 

I'm not quite sure if she would agree with T-Boz's comments about being the “female Kanye West” had she not been killed in a car accident 21 years ago. She might have married, had children... lived life away from social media. She was actually distancing herself from the group before her untimely passing in 2002. T-Boz elaborates with, “I said that because Lisa was always just saying things. If she had Twitter fingers, she’d be all over the place and have something to say about everything and not care. She’d be making all of the shocking comments. And Kanye was the only comparison I could think of about what my sister would be like now.” The ONLY similarities lie in them being controversially opinionated. She would not have turned into a self-hating white supremacist. I'd hate to think she went out as some unhinged diva when it was apparent from her documentary that she was most likely misunderstood (and still fighting demons.)


Anonymous said...

Well she was just talking bout the part of controversial opinionated part. T-boz knew left eye better than anyone else and it was more distancing her self from the industry than her friend.

Anonymous said...

Of all the people you could choose to compare Lefteye to, Kanye West wouldn’t be the top of my list - her opinions were often factual, uplifting, spiritual and inspiring - his are often ill-thought, hurtful, damaging and rooted in anger/hate.

Anonymous said...

Wow the disrespect!
No wonder Lisa wasnt getting along with them. To not make the difference between “being real” and the content itself is just so idiotic.