Ariana Grande probably won’t be cancelled over affair, but she’s rattled...

Now that her ass is feeling the heat, it is hilarious how Ariana Grande is slowly trying to back away from her married lover. Actor Ethan Slater (her co-star in 'Wicked') just had a baby with his wife and high school sweetheart. And she's "giving him space to work things out" with the very wife that was reportedly blindsided. 

Huh? Too late now. May as well own the homewrecker tag, because that innocent and sweet good girl image she spent years building is FINISHED. Now her PR team is on some damage control prowess after Slater filed for divorce from his wife just as she separates from her husband of two years, Dalton Gomez. Ugh. That facially challenged fool left his wife (and baby boy) for a fling that won't last longer than 16 months (and that's being generous). 

Does he not know Ariana is well known for not staying in her relationships for longer than three years? 


Anonymous said...

Honestly, for a girl who licked donuts she hadn’t paid for and said she hated America I, too, think she will recover from this considering who her manager is. Scooter is amazing with damage control. Then again, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, right? This dudes baby mama is going to launch the biggest campaign to label Ariana a home wrecker and nothing worse along the female population than a home wrecker.