Cardi B now a suspect of battery following microphone hurl incident...

Cardi B is now a suspect of battery following a Las Vegas concert where she hurled a microphone at a concertgoer. 

The woman who was struck filed a police report and told Las Vegas Metro PD that she’d been hit by an object thrown from the stage. The woman was standing next to the drink thrower but claims the mic hit her too. A new video shows Cardi encouraging fans to splash her with water.

Once that moment had passed, it appeared she was not okay with fans continuing to throw water on her. Seems like a case of miscommunication on both ends.


Anonymous said...

There’s another clip of the woman who splashed her apologising after the mic was thrown. I don’t think she did it to be spiteful. For the other woman to file a report seems a bit extra, I mean, how much damage could a ricochet mic really cause?