Doja Cat’s boyfriend J Cyrus caught on camera MOCKING Black people’s hair...

New videos of Doja Cat's boyfriend J Cyrus mocking Black people's hair has come to light. People keep asking if she finally dug her own grave this time, but if she didn't get cancelled for her participation in those incel chats, she certainly won't for this. 

Actually, dating anti-black white men appears to be her thing. There is already video evidence of her openly admitting to hating her 4C hair. Her blackness is only cool whenever she can profit from it (via rapping), so why would she care about her man's blatant disrespect? 

Doja Cat is most likely turned on by it. Sadly, she just comes across as another biracial with serious identity issues. SMH.


Anonymous said...

I mean, if you’re going to post provocative things like this give it the context it requires; it’s almost 10 years-old when he was a 25 year-old, struggling comedian, and I’m not seeing him doing anything black actors and comedians haven’t done time and time again. Imagine the uproar if for example Kevin and Nick Jonas got dressed up in blackface and made a movie titled “Black Chicks” in which they played up to every black female stereotype to exist?