An UGLY blogger basically calls Chlöe Bailey ❝ugly.❞

Has Funky Dineva actually looked at himself in the mirror? Because I honestly don't understand how anyone with a face like his can sit there and fix his ugly mug to call somebody else ugly. The same 40-year-old dud that came for Blue Ivy's looks is now coming for her mother Beyoncé's protege Chlöe Bailey all because she naturally defended her sister Halle against recent pregnancy rumors. The polarizing gossip blogger made his unwelcome remarks during an episode of FOX SOUL’s ‘Tea-G-I-F.’ And now he is rightfully getting roasted across social media for calling Chlöe "lame," "inauthentic," and saying she is “not cute without make-up.” For the record Chlöe is a beautiful black woman, and Funky Dineva could only WISH for a fraction of her beauty.


Anonymous said...

I Hope Beyonce or Jay z or Tyler Perry Make That Phone Call To The Network.

Anonymous said...

She really isn’t cute. She reminds me of a ferret.