Ciara criticized by fans for collaborating with Chris Brown on new single ❝How We Roll.❞

Ciara's announcement that her new single ‘How We Roll’ will feature Chris Brown is receiving backlash because she is teaming up with a "woman beater." 

Her Instagram post is plagued with comments from fans attacking the collaboration. So is every R&B chick that collaborates with him going to get criticised? Chlöe Bailey went through the same thing not too long ago. And let's not forget that Rihanna (who encountered the full force of his fists) collaborated with him too, post beat-down! Business is business as usual folks. 

We can expect to hear the song tomorrow (August 4th).


Anonymous said...

People need to let it go. The thing is they keep bringing it up. If these people really cared about what happened to RiRi they would stop bringing it up and reminding her of it. I Guess this will never die though..

Let’s just hope the song is a hit finally for Cici cause she needs a hit😭🤣