Lizzo accuser praised her AFTER alleged incident...

Arianna Davis, one of the women suing Lizzo for fat shaming and sexual assault, is seen on camera actually singing her praises, AFTER the alleged incidents. 

Davis is heard describing Lizzo as "THE QUEEN," and gushing that her experience has been such a "beautiful journey." The video means NOTHING, because at the time, Davis  was STILL employed by Lizzo. She was still being paid to act professionally and do her job accordingly. 

She wanted to be famous and was willing to put up with the bullsh*t... until she couldn't.


Anonymous said...

I’m going to reserve judgement until more information is known - these are still just accusations and the law as it stands is still innocent until guilty. And I don’t like Lizzo or a single one of her songs to date.

Anonymous said...

*proven guilty

RL said...

Eh. This video certainly means something. I would never PRAISE anyone for a check, employed or not. If it was that bad, why audition again? I'm not trying to advocate for Lizzo, but I know Arianna will be questioned on this.

Trust me, when it comes time for depositions, if this case makes it that far, they are going to EAT her alive with this one.

Toya said...

"I would never PRAISE anyone for a check."

Neither would I lol. But if it's a high paying gig and some of them have families to feed, don't be shocked at the desperation.

RL said...

That desperation for fame will sadly be her downfall. If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything.

If she went along with it for the check and as they say, "sold her soul" that comes at price. Usually your dignity. Not saying it's right, but we all know the price of fame. Plays "Hollywood" by Jojo.

Lizzo claims they are disgruntled former employees, upset because they were let go. Which begs the question, if they were never fired, would this even be an issue?

Again, I'm not doubting the ladies. I'm just looking at this from a legal perspective. As it stands now, these are only allegations. The burden is on them to prove their case beyond by a preponderance of the evidence. So I'm waiting to see the factual evidence that backs their allegations.