Lizzo was the other woman?! Her boyfriend’s ex is speaking out...

Lizzo is about to have a loooong month ahead.

Taking to TikTok, Brooklyn Elizabeth Brown alleges that her ex-boyfriend of TEN YEARS Myke Wright left her for Lizzo causing her to have a mental breakdown in 2017. She recalls how Lizzo was mean to her throughout the ordeal. Can she ever recover from this media onslaught? 

She might have to sing 'Man In The Mirror' and cry on stage at this point


Anonymous said...

Here comes everyone else jumping on the anti-Lizzo hate train just for their 15 mins of fame! Then what’s going to happen if it’s proven these other women suing Lizzo are proven wrong? Or the case is dropped due to lack of evidence? Lizzo will be owed a huge apology which she probably won’t get.