Lizzo’s former dancers suing her for sexual harassment...

According to a lawsuit filed today, three of Lizzo’s former dancers have accused the singer of sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment. 

They allege she forced them to eat banana's from sex worker's vagina's at an Amsterdam club and subjected them to “excruciating” 12-hour rehearsals. It resulted in a dancer soiling her pants because she feared losing her job if she went to the bathroom. That same dancer was also fat shamed by Lizzo for putting on weight, which is insane, because Lizzo is an obese woman who loves promoting body positivity. Yuck. She will probably go on TikTok now and do a crying video while claiming everybody is out to get her. 

More salacious details are revealed here.


Anonymous said...

Lizzo really? Your making fun of someone for gaining weight & your weight is nearly 300lbs or more. Girl have several seats.