Video Premiere & New Music: Halle Bailey - ❝Angel❞

Halle Bailey is dropping visuals for new single, ‘Angel.’ 

Isn't it just refreshing hearing a positive song that isn’t about money or f*cking? She sounds and looks divine. The ethereal harmonies are harmonizing. The vocals are simply mesmerizing. The melodies are going awf! 

Not my cup of tea though. 


Anonymous said...

Chloe gave Black Twitter/The NiggaNet the Bops & "BAWDY" they wanted & they were unhappy

Halle is giving ya'll Celine Dion Badu Sade Minnie Ripperton Ella Fitzgerald Jr. & yall say "this ain't it!"

What's the problem? 🤣🤔🤣

Toya said...

It's not a bad song. I just think they work better as a duo.

Anonymous said...

I Brought The Song To Support, However I'll Probably Never Listen To it Again & I Love Halle.

Anonymous said...

Not my cup o’ tea either. Lovely aesthetics though.