New album by Tinashe | ❝BB/Ang3L❞ ♫♫

Tinashe has released her new album, "BB/Ang3L." 

Expect to hear a melting pot of sounds from UK garage and drum & bass to R&B and pop. But does the album deliver? In my opinion, it doesn'tThis record sounds like a compilation of cheaply produced  "333" leftovers.

Going indie isn't easy, but is it worth it if her full potential is being stifled?


Anonymous said...

I Thought Her Career Was Going To Take Off In 2014. She Had The Looks, The Pop Songs & The Stage Presence.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the album, and I haven't even listened to it yet. She needs better, more expensive producers as everything on this and her previous album sounds very cheaply produced.

Anonymous said...

I really like her but she needs to speak about this album and its significance in some way. I still have no idea what that weird album title even means.