Video Premiere & New Music | Doja Cat | ❝Demons❞ ♫♫

Doja Cat is in her demonic/satanic era...

The music video for “Demons” starring Christina Ricci has just been released, and yet I wonder, why did Amala waste a really hard beat with that lazy flow? What is even more baffling is that, for someone that takes a lot of pride in her artistic vision, she totally ballsed up with her album artwork. The visuals here, are very cinematic, and no doubt will have people talking. She could easily have pulled an imagery from the video and made it her album artwork instead (see image below for my recommendation). Yet, she paid $20 for an Etsy store art piece from Dusty Ray. This being the same guy that sold her the same cover art as metal rock band Chava which made her have to pay for that Etsy art in the first place. I know her budget isn't THAT rock bottom. Soooo... make it make sense.

Doja's fourth studio album 'Scarlet' drops September 22nd.