Adele publicly supports boyfriend Rich Paul’s new memoir, "Lucky Me."

The problem with a woman being smitten with a man, or the woman possibly liking the man more is the fall being so much harder and faster. We can joke about Adele's next album being fire if Rich breaks her heart. However, nobody actually wants to see her get hurt because she does love hard. She turns into a groupie for the man she's in love with. Now before anyone comes for me, I am not saying Rich doesn't love her back. He just doesn't put out the same energy she does (due to him being more private I assume), while she's out there openly calling him her "husband" and plotting a 2024 pregnancy. Over the weekend, Adele proudly held up Rich's new memoir "Lucky Me: A Memoir of Changing the Odds," backstage at her Vegas residency. In an interview with People, Rich said Adele's response to his book was "very emotional." 

The book dives deep into his traumatic childhood in which he opens up about having a mother who struggled with drug addiction and sometimes wouldn’t return home for days on end. The book was released last week on October 10th. I have not read the book (and don't plan to either), but maybe it offers more clarity on their relationship?