Beyoncé preparing to host "Renaissance" Film Premieres in London & Los Angeles...

Earlier this month, I wrote a piece about Beyoncé showing up to Taylor Swift's "Eras Tour" movie premiere in Los Angeles and how it was a very strategic move on her behalf. I also mentioned how she would most likely have her very own concert film premiere events really soon. Well, that moment has finally arrived... almost. Bey is about to serve the glitter and the glam on the red carpet, within the next couple of weeks. She is gearing up to host "Renaissance" Film Premieres in London and Los Angeles, following the announcement that she is bringing ‘Beyonce: A Film by Beyonce’ to theaters worldwide. 

Beyoncé is holding two premieres for her highly anticipated concert film Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé: The world premiere will take place in London on Nov 30th and the U.S. premiere will be held in Los Angeles on Nov 25th. The events will take place days before Beyoncé’s Parkwood Entertainment and AMC Entertainment debut the film in theaters Dec 1st. Tickets for international territories — including Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, South America and the Caribbean — will go on sale Nov 9th at
Invites have reportedly been sent out for both premieres which will consist of different dress codes. For the London premiere, the dress code will be “Formal Opulence” and for the Los Angeles premiere, the dress code will be “Cozy Opulence.” With Bey attending Taylor's premiere, maybe some of her fans will go check out HER concert film. I'd like to think that not all Swiftie supporters are bitter and can put this so-called rivalry aside. The fans need to focus on the fact that Bey and Taylor are actual friends in real time and do support each other's careers a lot. Now's the time to decide what to wear to the Beyoncé extravaganza... if any of us are blessed enough to attend the Beyoncé extravaganza that is.