Beyoncé’s mom playfully says she can be "a little mean" backstage...

Beyoncé has never been one of those stars to serve mean girl vibes. If ever she has said something while putting on a stoic front, it would be because she is under a lot of pressure for everything to go right on the night. She is a perfectionist and doesn't play about her business, which is why we have that lovely meme of her shouting, "Somebody's getting fired! Hey Hey!" Case in point, her mother Tina Knowles appeared on the Halloween episode of Sherri, where she admitted Beyoncé could get "really mean" during costume quick changes. While things would get heated backstage, Beyoncé would always (tearfully) apologize for things she said in the heat of the intense moment. But Tina says she gets it, "because trying to get your shoes on" while "everybody’s waiting" can be taxing. Also, "if somebody’s messing up or they lose the shoes, then the whole show is messed up." 

Look. You don't have to be a fan of Beyoncé's music to acknowledge she gives no less than 100 when she hits the stage. It's fine for her to get stressed out backstage because she's human. The robust Bey we see on stage is not the one we see that cracks behind the scenes from time to time. Her successful "Renaissance" tour will be heading to theaters with new concert film "Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé" released on December 1st. She will also be holding two premieres: the first in Los Angeles on November 25th, which will then be followed by another in London on November 30th. On that note, I like that her mom reveals these little real things about her daughter, because that's what also makes Bey interesting too.

Tina talks Bey being mean at the 9:00 mark (PART 2)