Obsessed much? 50 Cent gets antsy & body shames Madonna AGAIN...

Here we go again. 50 Cent's one-sided beef with Madonna is so embarrassing now, that I'm embarrassed for any woman that's actually in a relationship with him. In a brand new Instagram post, he fired shots at her body comparing it to an “Ants” after surgery. The gaffe is that her body doesn't even look bad in the pic which was taken during her recent "Celebration" tour. It actually makes you wonder how many photos of Madonna he carefully looked through and closely analysed before choosing the one he liked.

Ew. His behaviour is borderline abusive. You're 50-years-old, man, constantly attacking a woman's body simply because she defended herself against you. But now I think the issue goes way beyond that. It's possible he just hates her because she is a woman who is waaaaaay more successful than he is. Another reason could be that... he hates women period. Let's not forget how he bullied Teairra Mari for years when she also tried to defend herself against him. This is what he does. But when his ex-girlfriend Chelsea Handler had smoke for him, he was radio silent. No snarky remarks. No rebuttals. NOTHING. So he goes after women he feels are easy targets. The man is simply a menace... and a coward.