Beyoncé eyes ❝Renaissance❞ concert film theatre release & teases a countdown clock...

It is such an odd move to complete a visual album almost a year ago and then decide to release it 18 months later? Never mind that Taylor Swift fans are getting in Beyoncé's ass for "copying" her ideas. Though the concert film is something to look forward to, the visual aspect just seems like a ship that has miserably sailed. Beyoncé has reportedly been in final talks to release her ‘Renaissance’ concert film to AMC Theatres on December 1st. The release will come as a multi package deal including a documentary of the recording process, as well as the long awaited ‘Renaissance’ visual album, which is said to have been completed in November 2022 (courtesy of director Nadia Lee Cohen.) 

According to the Grand Theatre's website, the concert film is titled "act ii" and comes in at 2 hours and 30 minutes long. Prior to this news, Beyoncé's management and distribution company, Parkwood Entertainment, has added a countdown clock to their Instagram story set to end midnight on October 2nd. Watch this be a non-event like the vegan reveal, which was funny as hell but Beyoncé wouldn't be Beyoncé without the occasional trolling.