Monica says she is the “most forgotten” R&B singer who “hasn’t really won any awards.”

R&B veteran Monica has expressed her sadness at often feeling forgotten, and sometimes the underdog when it comes to the industry. For further clarity, she says she's never won any awards. Monica is very talented but unfortunately she’s a bit too hood. She has never rebranded or evolved much as an artist. Her main rivalry Brandy on the other hand, was able to cross over successfully, thanks to her team (specifically her mother) who worked overtime to create a wholesome good girl image. Sure, Monica had some hits, but promoting this hood godmother image certainly stifled her and this was long before she started touting this off putting "Goonica" persona. When her second album was being drafted, Clive Davis wanted her to be Whitney Houston 2.0 but she didn't want to compromise her artistic integrity. Then Alicia Keys came along and became his number one golden girl and Monica's days were pretty much numbered. 

Monica made her remarks on the Lebron James‘ produced talk series ‘The Shop: Uninterrupted.” She said:
She continued:


Anonymous said...

I remembered doing her second album, they tried to hide her arm tattoo, apparently her label was very upset about that & then she went & got more lol.

Anonymous said...

Let’s be clear Monica plays a part in why she’s forgotten. Does she has hits? Yes! Does she has hits lately? No! Monica plays with her music and her fans. She been hollering about an R&B and Country album for the longest with nothing materializing in the last few years. Of course you’re going to be forgotten. Your fans ain’t gone wait forever while you running around worrying about C Murda. Maybe if Monica gets serious her fans and the award shows will get serious too. And I’m a Monica fan but also gave up on waiting on her, Rih, Keri and all those others that’s playing with the music right now!