Jennifer Lopez "furiously" middle fingers the paps during FIFTH trip to McDonalds...

The media narrative today is that Jennifer Lopez is having trouble dealing with her husband Ben Affleck's fast food obsession. The married couple made THREE trips to McDonald's drive-thru in a week despite J.Lo being a health nut (and that doesn't include the TWO other stops they made earlier this month, or at least the ones we've seen anyway). Of course it could have been her cheat day (as she HAS admitted to having those) but three cheat days? Nah. It had to have been Ben doing his usual fast food rounds. J.Lo gave the paps a very gleeful middle finger, while Ben tried to put on his (very forced) happy face. When he's around ex-wife Jennifer Garner, his smiles are more genuine. J.Lo on the other hand... she likely nags him for not only refusing to follow her strict health regime, but for him to put on his happy face in public, while he yearns for Garner's home cooked meals.
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