Tamar Braxton says she is going on tour as a "broken-hearted woman."

Tamar Braxton is going on tour as a "broken-hearted woman" prior to being dumped by her ex-fiancΓ©, Jeremy “JR” Robinson. Through an Instagram post, he revealed he wanted to get “back to positive energy & being a better person.” She later responded to the breakup on YouTube, sharing how “hurt” and “surprised” she was by their breakup. Despite feeling down, Tamar has been planning her “Love & War 10 Year Anniversary” tour, which kicks off later today on October 22nd in Dallas, Texas. One thing about Tamar is that she is a strong woman. She wants to show the world she is not one to be knocked down so easily despite some setbacks. That's admirable of course, but her fans would totally understand if she made the decision to put her mental health first, even if that means postponing the tour and going to counselling


RL said...

The show was good. Tamar even brought out Tiffany Evans.

Tamar did take a few moments to hold back tears. But she pushed through.