Rihanna reportedly signs £32 million deal with Live Nation for comeback tour...

I'm sure Rihanna is at home right now keke-ing at the latest headlines that she's going on tour next year. She probably doesn't intend to do so until Riot Rose starts school. It has actually been almost EIGHT years since she toured and dropped an album. What's another eight years, since a return to the music industry is no longer important to her? According to a new report, she is quietly planning a comeback after signing a £32 million deal with Live Nation, and she reportedly has two albums of new material to release.

[Rihanna] is planning a major comeback tour for 2024/2025. Our insider said: “Rihanna is quietly planning a comeback tour after signing with Live Nation. The deal was created to facilitate a world tour and her creative team is quietly at work in Los Angeles putting it all together as she raises her family. She’ll press play on the live show once she’s ready to go back to work and has two albums’ worth of material to release once she’s back.”
As always, we’ll believe it when we see it. We get these type of reports every year only for it to never amount to anything. If the Super Bowl couldn’t even convince Rihanna to release a new album, then nothing probably ever will. It just seems like she has newer and higher priorities now since becoming a billionaire entrepreneur, a mother of two, and a whole empire. Either way, I love her music and I'm truly hoping she releases something in the not so distant future.


Anonymous said...

I miss from buying a Rihanna album every NOVEMBER..... She's a billionaire now & being completely honest I wouldn't tour either lol.