Lana Del Rey wants us to believe she grew up poor...

“We’re from the most rural part of the country and we didn't have much!” REALLY?! Seriously?! I guess everybody has their own perception of what an underprivileged life looks like. Lana Del Rey basically compared herself to her richer peers and came to the conclusion that she was... poor by comparison. However, to tout being poor is just ignorant and tone deaf to the people living in real poverty. Of course downplaying your privilege, will always cause backlash, which is why she deleted the video. 

She reveals in a deleted Instagram post:
“We had absolutely no money. That’s a little story the news loved to assign to me… that was back when they were allowed to just write lies about people. I grew up in a mountain town in a little house, and we struggled as much as everybody else in a town of 900. There is no other truth than that. If the story was true, I would own it just like I own my other issues. But I’m not going to pretend like I can own what having money would’ve been like or felt like - until I made some when I was 26. There are people who are well-known, who grew up rich. I’m not one of them.”
It's possible her father didn’t become rich until she was in boarding school, but he was far from broke. The fact that she was able to go to boarding school prior to her alcoholic problems when the average kid would have just been left out in the streets to rot... is privilege in itself. The picture her father paints is that of upper middle class. He says he's had restaurants and an array of companies and he also worked in real estate. Her paternal grandfather was also rich as an investment banker, a vice president for a company and a venture capitalist. No one is doubting she is a hard worker and that she funded her own career (as opposed to using her father's millions) but she didn't grow up poor at all.