Teyana Taylor files for divorce from Iman Shumpert alleging infidelity & mental abuse...

Teyana Taylor reportedly filed for divorce from Iman Shumpert due to his jealousy, infidelity and mental abuse. She claims he would pick fights with her for no reason, and treat her cruelly while "displaying extreme narcissistic behavior throughout the majority of their marriage." Apparently, he became aggravated by her notoriety, and was jealous of her acting career. Full story below...

From TMZ:
In the docs, Teyana details the demise of their marriage ... accusing Iman of being jealous about her fame and feeling insecure about being good enough for her, despite the fact he was earning way more playing basketball than she could ever dream of making in music. Teyana claims Iman would grow annoyed when they would attend public events together, and photogs would ask for him to step out of frame. She says she "began to intentionally dim her light for her husband to try to have a harmonious and peaceful marriage" as Iman "became more and more angry" about her stardom. What's more, Teyana says she turned down recording opportunities and acting gigs because Iman "did not want her to work." But she says when she stopped working after giving birth to one of their kids, Iman complained about her not making money. She claims Iman has been involved in multiple cheating scandals during their marriage.
In the docs, she also cites his DUI arrest and recalls the time in 2022 when he was arrested for weed possession in an airport. Teyana also alleges Iman once crashed her Rolls Royce and fled the scene to avoid a second DUI arrest. The sad thing about it is that she tried to divorce him a year ago but changed her mind because she wanted to work things out. Ugh. Signing a $40 million contract with the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers in 2015 on top of also being paid $8 million by the New York Knicks that same year was not enough for him to feel secure within himself. His earnings literally bulldozed hers and yet, because he wasn't receiving her notoriety, he couldn't be satisfied. They could have been the black Posh and Becks if he was willing to support her notoriety while he raked in the millions. 

Beyoncé has waaaay more notoriety than Jay Z and he openly supports it, bigs up his wife at every opportunity, calls her the female Michael Jackson. He is a billionaire and has no reason to be jealous of his wife's fame because he considers them a unit, a brand. They both bring something to the table and sadly, Iman couldn't see it from that perspective. What one lacks, the other one brings. For her, it was notoriety. For him, it was wealth. Glad she finally went through with the divorce because no woman should have to put up with any form of abuse.