Beyoncé brings "Club Renaissance" to Brazil; first appearance in Brazil in over 10 years!

Beyoncé loves her Brazilian fans! Last night saw the singer arrive by surprise at the "Club Renaissance" event in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil! The sight of Beyoncé after 10 years saw the crowd go into absolute chaos so much that after her little speech she had to be swiftly ushered off to safety. Beyoncé explains the importance of her visit to Brazil:
I was not able to come for the RENAISSANCE tour, but I'm so happy to give y'all the RENAISSANCE film... You are the RENAISSANCE.
Perhaps her contract and schedule prohibited her from taking the "Renaissance" tour to Brazil, and it's clear it is something she feels bad about. It's unlikely she will extend the tour to next year but putting in a personal appearance at the Brazilian "Renaissance" film premiere for the fans that missed out was also a nice gesture.