Cover star Adele tells The Hollywood Reporter she doesn’t want people covering her songs...

No one can sing a song the same way as the original artist. That is a given. However, another artist CAN make that song their own and sing it their way and sometimes it's (subjectively) better. Adele tells The Hollywood Reporter that no one is worthy of covering her music, simply because they didn't write the songs and she did. But is Adele justified in saying no one can sing her songs?
I think I’m not the best singer in the world at all, but no one else can sing my songs like me because they didn’t write them. No one can sing my songs like me, period. They can’t sing. The lyrics are not their own. And I don’t think anyone else should sing my songs… I don’t mind it when they do, but I’m just saying they’re never going to be able to emote it. Same way that I can’t sing other people’s songs. I didn’t write the lyrics, and I can’t sing as well as them.
I remember Mariah Carey saying something similar but she is a true vocalist, so she can actually get away with saying such statements without getting dragged. Adele on the other hand, is not a vocalist. And she was actually quite smart to say "I’m not the best singer." She knew the criticism was coming. That said, someone like Beyoncé could easily outsing Adele on her own songs. But I understand and appreciate the personal sentiment behind why she feels the way she does.

Adele attends The Hollywood Reporter's Women In Entertainment Gala:


Sven said...

But in her earlier works she also sang covers, like one of her earliest big hits, Bob Dylan's Make You Feel My Love. Interesting statement.

Anonymous said...

She's become very arrogant and annoying since she lost the weight and conquered America.