Keri Hilson reacts to Teairra Mari challenging her to a fight...

Keri Hilson calling someone insignificant? Oh, the irony. 

Ms Hilson spoke on an incident on the R&B Money podcast, where she detailed feeling disrespected by another singer while she performed on stage. She recalls how the artist sat in the front row beside a mutual friend, and had her arms folded during the entire performance. Keri deemed the move "disrespectful." The singer in question was Teairra Mari. 

“She didn’t want to be there and it was very obvious, and I felt disrespected by that,” Keri said. “So when they came to my dressing room backstage, I said something and we almost got to scrapping. It could’ve got real ugly.” She went on to call the woman “pretty insignificant at this point.” Teairra previously spoke about that incident back in 2010 during an interview with DJ Scream TV. “I was getting calls because my cousin was watching my dog,” she explained. “In the midst, I’m bobbing still, enjoying the show, actually. So, we go backstage and... I’m like, ‘Hey, how you doing? Nice show! Hi, how are you?’ and she looked at my hand.” Teairra claims Keri stared at her extended hand and rolled her eyes, proceeding to call her “a little stanky.” Teairra said if that ever happended again, she would have “slapped the b*tch.” Keri has now apologised for bringing up the incident again, after Teairra threatened to whoop her ass.



Anonymous said...

Well that's nice. They're both too grown and gorgeous for this social media mess.

Anonymous said...

She's still being shady with the "I guess the I ain't saying no names segment didn't work this time". What difference does that make to the person if its obvious from the story description that you're referring to them? Kevin I'd very beautiful and talented but I get not very nice spiritually vibes.