Ari Lennox goes off on Xscape’s Tiny Harris for saying she has no range!

During an Instagram Live session with fans, Ari Lennox called out Tameka “Tiny” Harris of Xscape for a remark she made in regards to her "limited" vocal range. In 2022, Kandi Burruss asserted Ari could possibly be a good fit for the group due to her range and her “distinctive sound.” Tiny then chimed, “I mean, I haven’t heard her range. I’ve heard her sing, she sounds amazing.” Some would actually argue Ari is a better singer than Tiny, but overall, it has always been the Scott sisters carrying the group vocally. 



Scoopz said...

When you listen to the interview i dont think Tiny did Shade Ari. She said from what she has heard she heard her range but she sounds amazing. Thats basically just saying from what limited exposure shes had to her she hasnt heard anything demonstrating an expansive vocal range but she still think she sounds dope. It got blown out of proportion and Ari's just being overly sensitive and letting fans push her into a beef

Anonymous said...

She seems quite problematic, always playing victim. The comment was made in the context of fitting in as an xscape member - Tiny was saying Ari's vocal range doesn't match the groups overall, and she told no lies whilst also paying her a compliment.