Ashanti seemingly shows off her baby bump on stage...

Ashanti and her boyfriend Nelly made the St. Louis rap star’s Black and White Ball memorable when he rubbed on her stomach. They couldn't hide their happiness and they both started cheesing. Some took it as a not so subtle "announcement" that the 43-year-old is with child despite the pair never confirming it officially. Though it was only a matter of time before a tabloid rag ran with the story deeming it "an exclusive". 

Over the weekend, Ashanti, who is often admired for her washboard abs, performed in Tulsa, Oklahoma with a much plumper belly than usual. Of course this could just be happy weight gain as a woman approaching her mid-40s madly in love again. It honestly doesn't make sense to wear a tight belt around the stomach especially with a geriatric, high risk pregnancy. But only time will tell right?

(longer video):