Chlöe Bailey confirms Chlöe x Halle to come back with new music "soon."

During a new TikTok Live, Chlöe Bailey confirmed that her sisterly duo Chlöe x Halle will be dropping new music "soon." Halle just gave birth to a baby boy and she is already back at work, though there's no rush of course. Together, they create magic through their beautiful vocals and harmonies. The sisters certainly know how to drop the bops and we can only wonder what the new album will sound like. I'm excited!


Anonymous said...

They Endorsement Deal With Pandora Commercial Was Just Released & They Sound Absolutely Beautiful Together.

MKPhillips said...

They are better together. That's not to say they can't go solo. I love "Angel" and Chloe's singles. However, I think they need more music and attention as a duo.