Ayo Edebiri backtracks on past insults aimed at Jennifer Lopez in SNL sketch...

People need to stop apologizing and back peddling for telling the truth, just because they come face to face with that person. Ayo Edebiri's podcast remarks about Jennifer Lopez (not being a great singer) weren't controversial. Such statements were truthful, and she was just sharing an opinion that most people agree with. 

It can be assumed she was largely put under pressure to "put things right" by her PR team by addressing the situation in an SNL sketch, titled “Why’d You Say It?” Contestants were confronted about their mean and cruel social media posts, with host Kenan Thompson demanding an explanation. Ayo went on to say: "It's wrong to leave mean comments or post mean comments just for clout, or run your mouth on a podcast. And you don't consider the impact because you are 24, and stupid. But I think, I speak for everyone when I say that from now on, we're gonna be a lot more thoughtful about what we post online." It kind of detracts from her craft because she's a comedian, and comedians are well known for going in on celebrities. Chris Rock has made a fortune out of doing it, as has Wendy Williams. Not only that, J.Lo talked a lot of smack about other white actresses earlier on in her career. She was 27 at the time, and only three years older than Ayo was when she made her remarks. Did she issue a public apology to any of them for talking sh*t? SNL should never have booked J.Lo with Ayo in the first place. It almost feels like a set-up just to put a young, Black, Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning actress in her place. Happy Black History month!


Anonymous said...

I will say though that the skit ends with Ayo saying she’ll never change and then the skit right before JLo’s second performance is a group of castmates and Ayo herself showcasing their singing skills. Low key shade perhaps? lol

Here’s how I feel, it was gonna have to be addressed and the way they did it was okay imo. JLo’s problem is she is a great entertainer, but she keeps trying sell that she’s a great singer, which she clearly is not. Ayo’s comments were harsh but not inaccurate. But at the same time, there are many musicians that are known as great performers and not as great singers. JLo has had quite a successful music career and that is just the case and people who are fans of JLo’s music are not indoctrinated to believe she is an above average singer, they come because she has a good catalogue. Now, we can spend a whole deep dive podcast series on how some of those hits came to fruition, but I’ll just say Ayo did a great job, JLo’s performances were cute and those who agreed with Ayo or felt offended by Ayo’s comments woke up today feeling exactly how they felt before this episode aired. Okay, done lol