Beyoncé’s father slams her record label over Grammy snubs...

Matthew Knowles reveals that Columbia Records is also to blame for Beyoncé never taking the prestigious Album Of The Year award at the Grammys. In conversations with TMZ, Matthew revealed that Columbia is not doing their part behind the scenes in terms of the voting process and other things to support Beyoncé. He indicates that record labels can only support one artist per category, which becomes a problem when artists from the same label are nominated for the same award.

This was basically the case with Beyoncé at least twice with Adele and Harry Styles who are also from Columbia. “I've been in these rooms for 14 years supporting the label, I know EXACTLY how it works” he says. 
So record labels have their favorites. Tell us something we don't know! Beyoncé's father being on the Grammy board for 14 years doesn't really help his argument. This will only fuel people's suspicions that the only reason why Beyoncé received so many Grammys and nominations was because of him. Longstanding rumors that he would BUY her awards were rife, but that's a whole other topic!


Anonymous said...

Mathew was not on the Grammy board for 14 years. He said he was in the rooms on behalf of the “label” which is speaking to him being the one advocating for Beyoncé/Destiny’s Child on behalf of Music World/Columbia. He managed them for 14 years (1997-2011) Let’s stop running with false narratives.