Cover girl Solange reveals to Harper’s Bazaar she’s “started writing music” but NOT for a new album...

Solange Knowles hasn't released an album since 2019's "When I Get Home", but her next creative body takes on a different approach. She graces the latest cover of Harper's Bazaar, and in the cover story published Tuesday (Feb. 20), she opened up about her fascination with the tuba and how she's been writing music for the brass instrument. The publication, writes: "In an age of conformity, Solange is the rare artist who relishes following her own creative intuition."

This is true. One of the things that fans loved about Solange was her uniqueness. It would have been so easy for her to just exist in the music industry solely off being Beyoncé’s sister. For a long time (back in the day) people would compare them and call her the “lazy, less talented sister, who only makes music sometimes.” But she proved the detractors wrong, choosing to produce really cool and creative music, and establishing herself in a completely different lane. Hopefully one day, she will revisit that passion and put all energy into a new (very overdue) project.