Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime Record broken by Usher...

Usher's Superbowl performance has reportedly beaten Rihanna's 2023 record with over 123.4M individual viewership. These are great numbers for Usher and I'm happy for him, but the biased side of me will say
 Rihanna was pregnant (with a lot less energy) so hers was more impressive..This marks a notable increase in viewership, with Usher's performance boosting the Super Bowl's audience by over 5% compared to Rihanna's halftime show in 2023. Sunday's Super Bowl broadcast averaged an incredible 129.1 million viewers from 8:15 to 8:45 PM ET with the R&B legend performing from 8:23-8:36 PM. 

For context, check out the comparisons below.  

1. Usher (2024) - 123.4M
2. Rihanna (2023) - 121.017M
3. Katy Perry (2015) - 121M
4. Lady Gaga (2017) - 117.5M
5. Coldplay (2016) - 115.5M


Anonymous said...

So y’all just gonna sit there and like riri was horrible. The fact is she needed to have bowed out of the Super Bowl when she found she was pregnant. I mean she doesn’t give a damn about her fans. She can’t dance and sound like a injured hyena

Anonymous said...

People acting like these numbers are because Usher pulls in this audience because he’s the hot thing. Let’s be honest, this was the Taylor Swift effect and the fact that just her albums in the top 10, many of whom are old AF, are going to outsell a brand new Usher album tells you all you need to know. No shade to Usher, but let’s not fool ourselves.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand your comment - what do you mean Taylor Swift effect? Usher is a legend and he deserves his flowers. I'm happy for him - Remmi