Beyoncé for CR Fashion Book Issue 24...

Yikes. Did 
Beyoncé really have to gag us like this?! Baby, we getting looks! We EATING. Ten years after her first cover with the magazine, Beyoncé and her mullet cover the latest issue of 'CR Fashion Book'. It's not often we see Bey with a mullet and a rat tail, let alone one that is black and grey. It is giving Rockyoncé for sure. Perhaps, the third installment of "Renaissance" will be a rock one?! 

It is cool that her team is taking on edgier fashion pieces and hairstyles. Often times Beyoncé plays it safe with the flowy blonde hair. Of course we are use to seeing that from her because it has been her signature look for the past 25 years. The music icon and her mother Tina Knowles are using the issue to promote their new hair-care line Cécred.


Scoopz said...

One of the worst photoshoots ive ever seen. Looks terrible. Shes a classic beauty so glam and carefully selected high fashion is what works for her. This edgy, punk rock type stuff is best left to the Kate Moss' and Grace Jones' of the world. Even Rihanna would struggle with these looks and she is the more natural and versatile model out of the two.