Christina Aguilera visits ‘Drew Barrymore’...

Being a main pop girl was never really a thing. It was just created by the relentless media to have another excuse to pit talented women against each other. Of course Christina Aguilera has had a lot of that to deal with. First with Pink and Mariah Carey to Britney Spears and Beyoncé! 

When Christina was on the come up as a new artist, there were a lot of stories about her entitled "attitude", but since becoming a mother, the 43-year-old has mellowed and matured over the years. She certainly doesn't feed into the trolls! During her visit to The Drew Barrymore Show earlier this week, she mentions once again how the tabloids and blogs would pit her against other female artists. The singer, who is enjoying success with her current Las Vegas residency, also talks about feeling sexy after 40, and the joys of motherhood.