Rival company Lyft TROLL Uber over their disappointing Beyoncé announcement...

Rival transportation companies Uber and Lyft are currently embroiled in a discount war and Beyoncé's new album "Cowboy Carter" is right in the thick of it! Lyft have taken to trolling Uber because the Hive are pissed at them for their underwhelming announcement. 

Uber was teasing an announcement regarding Beyoncé's album release with visuals and a horse etc. Then they did the announcement and it was just 16% off on Uber rides for March 28th.

Beyoncé fans were livid and prior to this, Lyft started offering 50% off rides for March 29th. They offered a discount code with one of Beyoncé’s new songs off the album. The funny thing is Beyoncé and her team definitely had a hand in the Uber promo (as she has notable stock in the company). However, Lyft purposely obliterated them on their own promo. I love when brands get petty!